The Extreme Properties Story

Whether you live in a Condo, a Planned Unit Development, a Single Family Home, or a Townhouse, Extreme Properties’ management solutions will help bring you a nicer community in which to live, while you additionally enjoy reduced costs, faster project completion, more responsive services, and increased property values.

Client Homeowner Associations have achieved these benefits and more by tapping into Extreme Properties’ decades of management experience and our Dedication to Our Mission –

Our Mission:

Build Homeowners’ Asset Values, Provide Timely Management Information, Ensure Superb Vendor Relations and Enfranchise Directors and Owners With Understandable and Up-To-Date Accounting and Project Information

Extreme Properties’ custom-tailors a unique management solution for every client company. Your program will be geared to your buildings, location, surroundings and needs. And it is built with the flexibility to accommodate your needs today and to evolve into the future, as we Transform your Community Dreams and Properties and Possibilities into Visions, Projects, Construction and Beautiful Results at the lowest costs.

Empowering You and Your Association

We are pro-active, responsive and local. When you need information, forms, neighborhood photos or association documents, they’re available immediately from your community’s custom web portal from our website. If you need your association accounting, you can obtain it by a single phone call or by requesting it through our on-line request system.

All of your payments are made directly to bank lockbox and are credited the same day they are received. You don’t have to wonder where your payment is and you don’t have to worry about late fees.

All accounting takes place in Morgan Hill. Extreme Properties receives banking information electronically and processes it quickly. Board members receive their monthly financial information within the first few days of the month.

Giving Directors a Needed Help

Effective leadership in Board meetings means that things get decided in a fewest possible sessions, reducing workload for future meetings. Prompt vendor payment processing keeps contractors happy, and responsiveness to owners’ inquiries converts homeowners into positive participants in Directors’ meetings. And the Board members enjoy reduced, improved communications with your members and savings of time, money and effort.

Because Extreme Properties’ clients generally save significant money, client HOAs can often reinvest their savings back into their associations, strengthening their financial reserves, and managing finances to avoid the dreaded special assessments.

Owners Having Fun While Property Values Increase

Extreme Properties’ clients have seen their status facilities reach their potential and have seen their landscaping literally blossom. Such care has not only brought more pleasure to owners, it has also created a record of increasing property values throughout entire neighborhoods.

We’ve created community parks and amenities. We’ve pioneered autumn barbeques as an engaging forum for annual meetings. Many Board meetings have been afternoon ice cream socials. Extreme Properties takes homeowner calls, with many owners delighted to have their first call directly answered and their matter resolved right on that first call.

For Your Own Increased Community Pride and Satisfaction and Increased Values

Working with Extreme Properties, every month you will benefit from our commitment to performance, innovation, and excellence while watching your property condition and value increase.
Contact our offices to learn more about the benefits Extreme Properties will bring to your Homeowners Association.

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