Getting Started With Extreme Properties

Extreme Properties providesĀ a seamless methodĀ for homeowners associations to bring their owners and residents Extreme benefits quickly and easily.

When your Board of Directors wishes to bring improved management to your community, we will all enjoy frank discussions of what you require and how Extreme Properties may bring you the service levels that you require.

After reaching a working agreement on the scope of management and determining when you would like to begin, Extreme will need only limited items to get started on your behalf.

You or your current manager will provide:

  • Your existing financials
  • A Current Owners Roster

And Extreme Properties will:

  • Create a dedicated accounting system for your association.
  • All members will be assigned unique account numbers
  • Extreme will help you establish secure, lock box deposit relationships with a major regional or national bank
    • All members will be provided with electronic banking and dues payment coupon books
  • A dedicated web portal for your members will be created
    • Your members will have access to Board agendas and minutes, newsletters, budgets, rules and regulations and other vital communications
  • Extreme will notify all your owners of the new management services and provide complete instructions for sending dues directly to the designated bank by mail or by electronic transfer

Extreme is capable of smoothly bringing on board associations with several hundred owners within two business weeks.

Extreme Properties is confident that your Board of Directors and all of your residents will be very pleased with your decision to select Extreme.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to helping your community enjoy efficient guidance towards its maximum potential.

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