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We Strive to Provide Excellent, Responsive and Personalized Association Management.

When we partner with your HOA, we typically reduce your costs while beautifying prestigious communities and increasing your property values. 

On these pages you’ll see what we can do for your association, and what we’ve accomplished for other HOAs.

The Extreme Properties HOA Partnering Experience

Extreme Properties is experienced in lowering your costs while increasing your services whether you reside in a Condo, Planned Unit Development, Single Family Home, or Townhouse.

Lowered costs often translate into holding the line on dues or in reducing them and generally allow for improved HOA financial reserves. The importance of growing reserves cannot be overstated, because ensuring adequate reserves is the best assurance that owners will not have to confront dreaded special assessments.

With Extreme Properties, you will be able to actually reach human beings on the telephone when you need them, there will be live after-hours emergency services, and owners will never be more than a phone call away from obtaining proper accounting records that confirm the proper crediting and use of all dues payments, as well as complete accounting of all association expenditures.

And because at Extreme Properties we understand that your association dues are hard-earned dollars, only your association’s bank ever touches your cash. All owner deposits are handled by direct bank lock box deposit and complete financial packages and bank reconciliations are provided monthly to the Board of Directors. Extreme Properties is proud that the required annual outside audits have never required a single dollar of restatement of HOA income, expenses or reserves.

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