Responsive Management

Extreme Properties' Responsive Management Mission

Build Homeowners’ Asset Values, Provide Timely Management Information, Ensure Superb Vendor Relations and Enfranchise Directors and Residents With Understandable and Up-To-Date Accounting and Project Information.

The company manages town homes and detached homes, hillside communities and suburban properties. Large to small, we’ve done them all. And we work with a full range of developments from modest through multi-million dollar homes.

You will be provided with Impeccable Financial and Management Reports –

  • All derived from solid cash and accounting controls
  • Vital for BOD to meet legal and ethical requirements
  • Actuarilly sound reserve studies enable meeting future capital needs
  • Minimized needs for special assessments

Your dues payments and association cash are protected –

  • Safe and Secure HOA Member Payment Methods are Employed
    • Extreme Properties Never Touches Your Cash
  • All deposits via Bank Lock Box
  • Payments by Checks with Pre-printed Coupons or Via the Bank’s Electronic Payments System
  • Accounting Data Transmitted Electronically By Bank to Extreme Properties
  • All Transactions Are Audited
  • Timely, Periodic Transfers to Reserve Accounts Are Effected

The Extreme Properties Difference in Responsiveness

  • Extreme Actually Answers the Phone!
  • Prompt Responses
  • Accounting Always Up to Date
    • Owners Ledgers Always Available
    • No Surprises
  • Timely Project and Architectural Milestone Reports
  • Special Services Include
    • Parking Permits
    • Pool Passes
    • Timely Transmission of Architectural Reviews to BOD
  • Extreme has successfully coordinated development projects as they were impacted by neighboring municipal and county authorities

Outside Contracting and Special Projects

  • Extreme is extensively experienced in project management.
  • Effective Control of Contractors and Vendors
    • Supervise Capital Improvements
    • Develop and Improve Community Parks, Clubhouses and Facilities
    • Roadway Renewal
    • Landscaping, arboreal and forestry
  • Your Vendors Will Work Harder For You
    • They are promptly paid and thus eager for new projects.
    • There is no waiting for a far-away main office to authorize vendor checks.
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